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Q: What is a herf?
A: A gathering of people who smoke cigars.
A great chance to meet your online cigar friends
and they'll be plenty of BS going around! 

Q: What will happen at the herf?
A: We'll have a raffle (tickets - 10/$25) for some nice gifts
 (see raffle prizes), and a live auction
of cigar related items (see auction items).
We'll also have great coffee (Mr Jerrys' Killer Beans),
$1 beer and appetizers.
Q: How much is the event again?
A: It's free! 

Q: Do you have scheduled activities?
A: Yes! At the pre-herf, K always has something up his sleeve.
We'll be having a fish fry and a fire (for the SoCal crew! lol).
Matt will be doing the 50/50 Cigar raffle again.
As for Saturday, here's the schedule:
Raffle Table Hours:
12:00 - 2:00
2:00 Raffle & Live Auction
Appetizers throughout the afternoon 
Each person who registers before the herf will have a name badge
 and will also receive a bag with sponsor information,
list of auction items and a menu that you can pre-order your dinner
 at Andiamos so it will be waiting for you in the evening. 
Sometime Saturday evening after dinner,
poker will do the famous 'dowrah' auction! 
Andiamos restaurant will have some great meals
at good prices for dinner.

If you would like to contribute to the raffle or auction,
contact Matt, Kerry or Jody.